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About Retribution

A Thrilling Read


Set in war-torn Rhodesia, Retribution is the thrilling story of the struggle for peace, freedom and justice.


Written by a former Rhodesian with experience in Air Force HQ. during the conflict, this rollercoaster journey through battle weary towns and bushland will keep readers captivated from cover to cover. 

Story Synopsis


The moment the SAM 7 missile left its launch tube, the political solution to end this war ended; and wheels were set in motion for retribution to be exacted on the guerrilla rebels.

After thirteen long years, the brutal Rhodesian bush war had escalated as the protagonists crystallise their opposing beliefs which draws the country and its people towards the precipice of despair.

Compassion, decency and sentimentality has no place here. The innocent civilians caught in the middle are the true victims.


A premeditated act of terrorism; taking only a few minutes to execute; brought down a civilian passenger plane. It triggered a series of dramatic and fateful events...


...but to what end?

2010 - present

2010 - present

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